Leawo Blu-ray Creator: Burn Video to Blu-ray Disc with High Quality

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Leawo Blu-ray Creator is a perfect software and definitely be my first choice for burn video to Blu-ray disc. I recently downloaded the first Harry Potter movie in MKV format online, and I was surprised by its high resolution and sharpness. And suddenly I had this idea of playing this movie on my Blu-ray player in order to make full use of its high resolution. So I went online and tried to find a program with the ability to burn video to...


Able2Extract: An Easy Way to Edit Your PDF Reports

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Able2Extract needed to make quick edits to PDF report before sending it to the boss, you cannot do it so easily yet. Able2Extract makes your job with PDF easy and quickly resolved. Regardless of their profession, working people tend to deal with all kinds of reports. These reports range from fully tabular or textual files to even a combination of the two and they can be pretty lengthy and overwhelming. When working on those documents, there...


AnyTrans: The Ultimate iPhone Manager

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AnyTrans is the most advanced all-in-one iPhone manager , offering easy yet comprehensive tools to craft the best iPhone, iPad and iPod touch experience. AnyTrans brings together ultra-high transmission rate, versatile managing tools and the intuitive interface, making it not only the ultimate, but also the most beautiful all-in-one iPhone manager for you. It’s simpler and lighter than ever before, yet powerful enough to help you take your...


AmoLink: creative mobile content creator [Giveaway]

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AmoLink adopts HTML5 technology to better highlight your individual character and abilities, which is more attractive, eye-catching, and modern. AmoLink is mobile content creator online that features with specialized animated card templates and designs, which enables users to customize and share their interactive shows online. Just add photos, voice, music, text, make new style of greeting cards, business promotion, photo collages, great resume...

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