Some basic use of X-Plore (Symbian file manager application)

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Based on my knowledge, X-Plore is a file manager application for Symbian phones are the most widely used. Some people do not know….. any use of this application. Let’s discuss it here.

x-plore - attribute - make new directory or folderx-plore - find

First….. at File menu.

From here you can set the attributes of a file, for example….. to hide. So your friend will not be able to find secret files on your phone. Then, from here you can also create new folders too.

Second….. at Find menu.

As the name….. used to find files quickly, especially files that are difficult to find. But maybe this will rarely be used.

x-plore - edit - copy - move - paste x-plore - make zip or extract

Third….. at Zip menu.

Used to compress files with the .zip format so that the capacity decrease. Zip format is the most common compression format used.

Fourth….. Edit menu.

I believe command in the edit menu  is most commonly used. Copy files, move files, and paste files that are duplicated and moved.

This command is most often used from file manager application.

x-plore - mark the filex-plore - send - bluetooth

Fifth….. Mark menu.

This is the complement commands of collection of Edit menu. With this menu….. copy and move commands can be performed directly on many files on the same time. So more effective…..

Sixth….. Send by menu.

There is a choice of sending data via bluetooth connection. The interesting thing here is able to submit applications. These are impossible using internal file manager.

x-plore - special folder - favouritex-plore - tools - option

Seventh….. Quick folders.

It is used to mark the location of frequently accessed folders, so more quickly to the position.

Eigth….. Tools.

Configuration….. many application settings is done through this menu. see description below for more details.

Messaging….. This is a shortcut to the location of files received via bluetooth transfer. Read the explanation in the article “Where’s the SMS inbox directory?”. Looking at the bottom of the article that describing X-plore.

Device info….. some info related to the phone system can be viewed through this command. But the serial number that is visible is not the phones IMEI number. At least in many cases that I have found that it was not in accordance with the IMEI number.

x-plore (10) vmancer

More details with Configuration.

Each choice provides an explanation in the bottom of the configuration section. So….. look at it properly.

Show hidden file –> I think it is easy to understand.

Show ROM drives –> storage operating systems drive.

Show RAM drives –> storage memory (to running application) drive.

Show system file/folders –> like hidden file, but these are file system.

Sort by –> sorting files.

UI font size –> you can change the font size to be seen clearly.

x-plore (11) vmancerx-plore (12) vmancer

X-Plore official website.

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  • jay

    what happens when we change the attributes to system?how can we undo it?plzz help… I have lost some important files….

    • so the file is treated as a file system. usually hidden and may be read only.
      actual the file is not lost.
      if the file is in the external memory, change its attributes via computer may be easier.

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