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Read BlackBerry smartphone handheld operating system

It was done to make system backup (including third party application, with .cod file extension), then you can restore it when needed.

Clean up log files, can also be made ??directly from your BlackBerry. Press this keypad button combinations: Alt + L + G + L + G, press BlackBerry menu button and choose Clear Log.

Recover Memory works like Memory Booster and the like applications. Returns the number of RAM memory that has been completed for use.


Take Screenshot

It works like Screen Grabber application that I usually use. The difference, you do so from a computer, while a Screen Grabber capture images from your phone.

On Android based phone or tablet, can also be made something like this to get image from the LCD screen through the software manager.

Factory Reset

Also called hard reset. After performing factory reset, your phone system will be like brand new when just bought. Empty with no data and applications.


Wipe Device

It is used to clean ROM from all files including system. Done before upgrade or downgrade the system.


Read more about other uses of BBHybrids Tool v2.4: Upgrade BlackBerry operating system (OS).

More information about BBHybrids Tool: http://www.bbh-plus.net/.

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