BlackBerry 9850 all touch Torch with OS 7 (simulator)

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Yesterday I tried BlackBerry 9850 with OS 7, which is often called “All Touch Torch  because without physical keypad like the previous series.

Take a look BlackBerry 9850 pictures below. Some articles I read, the BlackBerry OS 7 brought major developments in the Internet browser with significant performance improvement compared to the previous version. I do not know it because only tried the simulator. BlackBerry simulator is actually made to the software developers to try applications made run well or not. But I use it to see the new features available.

When tried internet browser, I see a menu that normally exist in the Mozilla Firefox which I use, although there is little difference in words. Developer Tools menu is a must for web developers. But I do not know what it will be useful on the BlackBerry.

Blackberry 9850 OS 7 simulator - all touch torch (2)Blackberry 9850 OS 7 simulator - all touch torch (1)

What you’re interested in trying the simulator?

If so, try logging into BlackBerry Simulator web pages. There are available software simulator for all types of BlackBerry. But you need to create a developer account first if do not have.


To use this simulator well, required Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) installed on your computer system.

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