BlackBerry Contacts Extractor (working on *.bbb & *.ipd)

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BlackBerry Contacts Extractor is a tool use to extract contact from Blackberry full-backup image file.

With BlackBerry Contacts Extractor, you can use full-backup image file with extension *.bbb and *.ipd, then you can get *.csv contact format file. Was, Google support synchronization with BlackBerry handset with Google Sync for Mobile, but not anymore. If this Google service still active, backup and restore activity will run very easy especially when changing handset. Previously I have once wrote how easy about this process (Synchronize GMail contacts with BlackBerry address book).

Current BlackBerry is not popular anymore and Android dominate. Some people are confused how to move the important contacts on the BlackBerry device to Android device quickly and save time. I also experienced this situation when will move important contacts from my wife BlackBerry to her Android device. BlackBerry Contacts Extractor can be a solution. This tool utilizes full-backup file of your BlackBerry and then only take part only contacts in CSV format.

To do so, make a full-backup of the BlackBerry handset from BlackBerry Desktop Software. After that, run this tool and you can extract the contacts to CSV file. Now you can import the CSV to Google Contacts then doing synchronization. You will get all of the contacts in your Android immediately.

BlackBerry Contacts Extractor

This tool also runs well on Windows 8.

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