Plot BlackBerry GPS location on Google Maps

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Blackberry mobile phone equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System). You can find it on the Location Settings menu. To find the GPS data location of a place, enter Location Settings menu, press the BlackBerry menu button and select Refresh Location.

GPS data location on BlackBerry hendheldYou will see such a picture beside.

And now….. how to see the position in the larger field, for example through Google Maps on a desktop computer? Because it would not be apparent on the BlackBerry Maps and on the small screen, otherwise it will need time to load the data.

Problem is how to incorporate GPS positioning:

Latitude : S 8 degree 36.9566 minute, and
Longitude: E 115 degree 9.9798 minute.

As far as I know, Google Maps does not know the degree symbol, nor is there on the keyboard. Google Maps GPS position to know the decimal, not degrees – minutes – seconds.

Thing to do is convert GPS position obtained from BlackBerry to decimal coordinates to be used on Google Maps. The easiest way is to use the Latitude / Longitude to Decimal conversion services.

convert latitude and longitude to decimal

In this case we have GPS position data with degrees units and want to get decimal position data. for that fill on the right hand column, press the conversion button (arrow to the left) so we get decimal GPS position. As an example, look at the picture above.

Decimal GPS position data entered on Google Maps search, it looks like the picture below. The green point is the position obtained from BlackBerry GPS.

Blackberry gps position on Google Maps

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