BlackBerry Messenger 6: connected apps feature

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Research In Motion as manufacturer of BlackBerry handsets are always developing the products. In previous versions, added backup feature for BlackBerry Messenger 6 contacts. This feature can be accessed directly from the application.

Then discussed here is the latest BlackBerry Messenger 6 which allows to use connected applications to create a status. For example here I am using Foursquare to create BBM status on my BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300.

Foursquare is one application location-based social networks. You can share information about interesting places with your friends by doing check-in there. Another advantage of this application is to be connected with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. With Foursquare, can be found stores (fashion stores) that hold discounts around you. This should be interesting for women.

BlackBerry Messenger 6 - foursquare as connected appsBlackBerry Messenger 6 - BBM profile (Foursquare at the bottom)

After installing BlackBerry Messenger 6, try to running Foursquare. You will find the option to add Foursquare as the connected application to BBM (Picture 1). Do the process until Foursquare well connected.

If Foursquare has connected well with the BBM, you’ll find Foursquare in BlackBerry Messenger 6¬†profile (Picture 2).

BlackBerry Messenger 6  BlackBerry Messenger 6

Try to make a check-in through Foursquare. You will find the option Send to BBM (Picture 3). To know the results, ask your friends who are also BlackBerry users to view the status of your BBM. I think your friends will look like the picture beside (Picture 4).

Additional Information

In the BBM Option, you will find additional menu BBM Connected Applications (Picture 5). Then press Edit, will show the list of connected apps. You can disconnected the connection from this part.


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