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BlackBerry Protect is the free and official application from RIM (Research In Motion). Its main function is to backup your data and save data on the phone especially when it lost. This application connect you with the handheld when they lose through the BlackBerry Protect website. To be connected, you must install this application before losing it. And of course your phone must have internet signal to it.

Look at the pictures below that show some uses of this application.

blackberry protect - statusblackberry protect - backup option

blackberry protect - backup frequency optionblackberry protect - activate location reporting

You can back up data with this application. This reserve is on the BlackBerry server (online backup), which at times can be restored or removed via BlackBerry Protect website. Backup made is to save the changes from the previous data.

Missing or not found Blackberry handheld

You could ring the ringtone on your handheld via BlackBerry Protect the website, so you can hear it and find it.

If it is stolen, you can find out its location via map which can be accessed through the BlackBerry Protect website. You can lock your phone too.

How about the data?

Wipe your device to permanently delete all data.

blackberry protect website

handheld position

No one wants something bad happens. Better to prevent than late.

More info and download BlackBerry Protect.

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