Self memory cleaning on BlackBerry

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Self memory cleaning is one feature that is not realized very useful by BlackBerry users. This feature runs on time interval specified , then automatically clean up the remnants of temporary files in memory. Reviewed the following cases caused by self cleaning memory that is not running.

Many BlackBerry users experience the performance of the system (OS) decreased after use for so long. This resulted from the stacked files that are used only for a moment. When looking for a solution from internet, it will find the answer to reset your BlackBerry phone system by removing the battery for a while (about 5 minutes) and then installed again. The other way is to press the shortcut key Alt + Right Shift + Delete.

I saw a more interesting way to clean the memory because it can run automatically, but it is limited to certain items only (picture 1). You can find the settings in options > security > advanced security settings > memory cleaning > memory to clean.

Self memory cleaning on BlackBerry - activateself memory cleaning on BlackBerry - item cleaning

Items are cleaned in accordance with that seen in the second picture:

  • certificate search
  • certificate status manager
  • clipboard
  • contacts cahe
  • content protection cache
  • encrypted messages
  • key store
  • pgp key search.

I hope this can help to clean up the remaining memory.

Alternative: Advanced RAM Optimizer

Advanced RAM Optimizer is a free application that works on the same principle with self cleaning memory. You can get this application directly from the App World.


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