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disable recent activity

You can disable recent activity on BlackBerry with few steps. Recent activity is becoming more and more (junk files) and weigh the performance of BlackBerry phones.

Some friends had talked with me about the jealousy of his/her partner when looking the BlackBerry contact data logs. Log data that I mean here is recent activity (picture 1 beside). Not incoming / outgoing calls data. You can disable recent activity, this also serves to maintain the optimum performance of the BlackBerry.

The following images obtained from BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 with OS 6.

If you see a contact person who had contacted on the address book, then you will see a list of recent activity on the bottom. Recent activity contains a list of how and when you contact or be contacted. Such as it is done through phone calls, SMS, chat, email, and others. It will be seen if the recent activity setting is still standard (factory default).

This recent activity list make your partner jealous. There let alone seen you in contact with ex-boy/girl-friend. So….. I think you should remove it.

How to change the settings for recent activity:

  1. Go to your BlackBerry Contacts Option, in Address Book press menu and choose Option
  2. Enter to Recent Activities menu (picture 2)
  3. Remove the check mark to disable recent activity so that the item is not displayed on the recent activity list (picture 3)

disable recent activity    disable recent activity

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