Font Router s60v3: Change your Symbian mobile phone font

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Some time ago I wanted to change the font type  of my Nokia 6120c which includes Symbian OS 9.x. Some tricks I try but fail until I found Font Router s60v3. A higher success rate obtained by using this application, but need a phone that was in a hacked condition or use application that signed already.

You must download Font Router s60v3 first and install it with appropriate steps. On several sources….. would be better if install python as well, but I do not know the relations. Font Router that you download consists of two parts, namely Manager and LT.

Want to change your  Symbian S60 v3 font?

The main step is:

  1. Install Phyton in external memory (memory card).
  2. Instal Font Router LT and you will see in external memory (memory card) directory e:\data\fonts\fontrouter.ini.
  3. Make folder fonts in c:\data\ and move fontrouter.ini file in the previous step  into the newly created folder. You can make new folder with Y-Browser or Mojo or X-Plore or any kinds of this application.
  4. Transfer the preferred font file type (.ttf file format) to the external memory device. This application was also supported the previous font format (.gdr), but on Symbian OS 9.x extension .ttf more commonly used.
  5. Install font router manager application also in the external memory and run after that. In the options menu select open font and show the location of the requested font file. Restart the phone…… you will see a change in the type font used on mobile phones.

font router s60v3 - xplorfont router s60v3font router s60v3

If you find certificate file error or similar error, try to sign Font Router s60v3 application before installing them.

  • hubungin penyalur sertifikat gimana om?

    • itu karena sertifikat yang ada dalam aplikasi sudah kadaluarsa
      ada 2 cara supaya aplikasi ini bisa diinstal:
      1. dengan update sertifikat
      2. dengan hack
      sekarang kedua cara ini cukup rumit diaplikasikan karena susah mendapatkan file sertifikatnya

  • tasveer

    plz provide me singed fontrouter..

  • ths for the info,but sorry,are u have blood fonts?

    • I do not have any collections of fonts in addition to the existing on Windows operating system.

  • you can download font router and phyton from the link above
    if you see “CERTIFICATE ERROR” warning… it mean you must sign the application first before installed

    see article on page:

    but, before you do that… you must have a certificate file first.

  • confused

    please post font router and so with the phython that is updated for when i install it it says CERTIFICATE ERROR…PLEASE HELP

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