Contacts to Excel: Contact Backup BlackBerry Application

August 29, 2012

Contacts to Excel is BlackBerry application that used to backing up contact data and presenting it directly in Microsoft Excel file format (.xls).

Contacts to Excel can be obtained easily through AppWorld.
Once installed, run Contacts to Excel then select Create Excel for backing up data in the form of Excel files. Then you can use Auto Backup feature so you do not forget to make backup data and backup data is always available in case of data loss.

If something happens to your BlackBerry resulting in data loss, you just choose Restore from Excel, and contact data will be returned intact. That simple…..

The advantages of using Contacts to Excel is that you automatically get an Excel file so that you can create list of contact data on your computer or share it with others easily.

Other methods and applications to back up contact data are on article:

Contacts to Excel   Contacts to Excel

Contacts to Excel   Contacts to Excel

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