Control hotlinking to save bandwidth

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Initially I did not understand why other websites should not use the existing images on the blog (direct linking), except uploaded the images are used by their own. Direct linking the images at other website that termed with Hotlinking. Hotlinking harming bandwidth quota the server in question as if it used by another website.

hot linking-cpanel-vmancer

In other words… the bandwidth also used although visitor not to visit the blog. But the visitor visit other blog that use my image on my server. This will not effect if use image hosting like Picasa, Photobucket, Images Hack, and the other. The have very large bandwidth.

Then … How to solve this problem?

Some blog article that discuss this, use or edit to add some row of code at htaccess file on main directory. Because that file is hidden on my server and I cannot show it… then I’ll try another way.

At cPanel… in security section, I found HotLink Protection. I try to click it… and read some info there. Aaahhhhaaaaa… this is the very simple way to control hotlinking image and not use or no need to edit htacess file. I no need to find to show hidden file.

Just follow the step… input the allowed referers, and set. Everything clear now with no edit the risky file.

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