Delete Symbian theme that does not seem on Application Manager

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I am often confused how to delete Symbian theme that does not appear on  Applications Manager. I don’t know what make this thing. But usually I found some themes or other applications that exist in theme list or application folder but nothing on Application Manager. If want to delete theme or application, we should go to Application Manager, although you can press C (Clear) button to delete .sis or .sisx application from menu.

So… How to delete it if not appear on Application Manager ???

delete symbian theme

I try to find the directory where the themes are installed. It in e:\private\ …. bla bla bla… look like the picture left. To open the private folder, your Symbian mobile phone must be hack first. This is can be consideration to hacking your phone or no.

You will confused… which one to deleted, many theme file are there.

If you delete the wrong theme file (or you can delete the folder)…. I’am sure you need to install it again, so… be carefull. I don’t know how to see the differents. I only know the different from the date it installed.

Not finish until here…

You must to delete the file or folder on two other directory. If not, it will still shown on theme menu but cannot used.

See the picture under…

delete symbian theme delete symbian theme

After that… you will not see it on theme list menu again.

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