Facebook for BlackBerry v3: easy to tag friends and location

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Facebook for BlackBerry v3 provide interesting feature is the ability to tag friends and location, in addition to already supporting BBM connect applications.

facebook for blackberry v3

Facebook for BlackBerry v2 bring the chat function that is eagerly awaited. At that time I tag a friend by using command @[ID:]. But this command can not be used on the Facebook application. This command is used on Facebook mobile that is accessible via internet browser. Read more about the command from article Tag friends Facebook status from mobile phone.

And now on Facebook for BlackBerry v3, it is very easy to do a friends and location tag. Certainly many people are going to use this feature because this is very nice.

Besides, Facebook for BlackBerry v3 has been support BlackBerry Connected Apps. This feature allows you to make the same status at the same time between Facebookand BlackBerry Messenger account.

More details about Facebook for BlackBerry v3 and download.

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