Facebook Messenger Application for BlackBerry

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Facebook Messenger application connect directly to your inbox. Unlike the Facebook application which has been used is intended to update status and read your friends status.

Facebook Messenger application - BlackBerryInitially I did not understand the functions of Facebook Messenger Application for BlackBerry when read with a glance at the Facebook front page (login page). When you using BlackBerry, all notifications received directly as it is transmitted, as well as Facebook. When someone writes on his wall that uses a BlackBerry, directly notification is received on the phone. But this does not always run well when someone send a message. Notification is often not accepted, so do not realize that there are messages waiting for a reply.

Maybe for this application is made…..


Facebook Messenger application - BlackBerry

After installation, and run it, it looks like Facebook Messenger application is a kind of email client. Remembered with Facebook email address that had been tested some time ago. Through this application you can send messages directly to the owner of the account through Facebook. Also can send messages (emails) to different address, see example on picture 4.

I do not know if you are not trying to get a facebook email address can use this application to send email. This application also directly be used to send images stored on your phone or directly from the camera catches.


Facebook Messenger application - BlackBerry  Facebook Messenger application - BlackBerry

How to get Facebook Messenger application for BlackBerry?
Visit Facebook Messenger for Mobile page.

Want to know about Facebook for BlackBerry v2?
Integrated with chat so it does not require additional applications for Facebook chat.

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