Optimize search indexing option on BlackBerry

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Quick (fast) search is one of the interesting features that were added since OS 6 was launched. Any search can be done quickly since the first letter typed. From these searches will be presented related results wherever those are found. On the contact list, SMS, BlackBerry Messenger, on the menu settings and options, and Google (Local) Search.

To conduct a search quickly, BlackBerry smartphone have to do indexing overall data, in internal and external memory. Quite time-consuming and laborious, although the process is run by consuming fewer resources in the background. Your blackberry will seem slow when doing a search just after rebooting.

Data to be indexed can be arranged through the Search Options which can be found easily. Type a few letters, then press BlackBerry menu. Menu will appear from below, then select the Search Options. I think you should fill in the check only on the part you are looking for. But still no problem using the default settings by entering the check on all data.

BlackBerry OS 6 - fast (quick) search featureBlackBerry OS 6 - search indexing option

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