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FeedBurner transfer feed can be used to monetize your blog feeds with adding Google Adsense ads there.

If you have Google Adsense and FeedBurner account in a single Google account, then the transfer is not required. Adsense on Feeds can be directly activated. I have a FeedBurner and Adsense on a separate account, for that I have to do FeedBurner transfer feed.

FeedBurner transfer feed - activate Adsense for feeds

Do feed transfer

Enter into your FeedBurner account and click the Transfer Feed (see the picture below). Fill in Google Adsense login email used. Ensure FeedBurner account active on the transfer destination. In a while (max. 72 hours), there will be incoming email to Adsense login email is used. You must click the confirmation link that was there to FeedBurner transfer feed.

transfer feed

feedburner transfer feed

activate feed usnew feed unitSetting on Google Adsense

At Google Adsense, you need to enable ads on the feeds. It is located on the upper left sidebar. Make sure the Feeds ads had been active before the transfered feeds takes place.

Then click New feed unit. Make some setting, then you will see Adsense in the feeds.


See for example in the figure below

feed with adsense - sample

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