Steganos Trace Destructor 12 [GIVEAWAY]

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Steganos Trace Destructor 12 is a trace deletion tool that will erase the traces of your activity from your computer and protects your privacy over the internet. Every mouse click on the Internet leaves behind traces on your computer. The last video you watched online is stored along with your last query at a search engine. With just a click of the mouse, Steganos TraceDestructor will restore your privacy and delete any tell tale traces you...


JPG To PDF Converter for Mac [GIVEAWAY]

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JPG To PDF Converter for Mac is practical software and small that runs on Mac operating system, allows you to convert image files (not only JPG) into PDF format document files. Features of JPG To PDF Converter for Mac Easy to use You can use drag and drop some image files to this software and then converted to PDF Fast conversion process Support most populer image file format, not only JPG The time limited Giveaway JPG To...


Video Watermark Pro [Exclusive Giveaway]

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Video Watermark Pro is useful to give indication on video which normally leads to the content creators. You can get Video Watermark Pro for free here. Exclusive giveaway in collaboration with iWonderSky Soft Co. took place within 7 days. Get immediately if you are interested. Watch the video below, which shows how to mirror (rotate) object in Google SketchUp. [swf], 550, 413[/swf] On the...


iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery [giveaway 5 licenses]

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iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery is software that allows you to change Windows password that is not intentionally overlooked. I believe iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery will change the way you deal with lost passwords of Windows system computer. Most Windows users would call a technician or reinstall the system when lost the Windows password moreover administrator password. When in fact that is not necessary. There are other ways...

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