Collageit for Mac: beautify your photo collection [GIVEAWAY]

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Collageit for Mac is software used to make a lot of photos (collages) looks more beautiful. Look at the picture below as an example. Previously I've discussed Windows versions of CollageIt, and from here you can get CollageIt for Mac license code for free.This software is very easy to use. I think by looking at the picture below, you can directly use this software without much confusion.GiveawayI have 20 licenses of CollageIt...


MacCleaning: EaseUS healthy disk management for Mac [GIVEAWAY]

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MacCleaning is EaseUS product that running on Mac Operating System to keep your disk healthy. MacCleaning classified in disk management tool. EASEUS MacCleaning developed in two versions namely free and pro versions. Here EaseUS and work together to distribute 15 free licenses of MacCleaning Pro product. This tool runs as a menu bar that can be accessed easily, to do the following things:Fast Clean up System Junks Clean every...


Microsoft Office 2010 free license [Play the game]

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I think Microsoft will not conduct a campaign through a contest or something like share Microsoft Office 2010 free license. And it turns out I was wrong. I was surprised to get this information from my friend and I am very enthusiastic to following. This Microsoft Office 2010 free license includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, and Publisher.To get a Microsoft Office 2010 free license, you have to play game that are on...


FLAC To MP3 Converter [Christmas Giveaway]

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FLAC to MP3 Converter serves to convert audio file with extension FLAC  into MP3 format. License of FLAC to MP3 Converter is currently offered free of welcoming Christmas. FLAC to MP3 Converter developed by, to convert music files to the format supported by the device they want to play them on, which can be an MP3 player, iPod, iPhone or mobile phone. So, the music can be heard from many devices. Currently FLAC format is not a...

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