Google Sync for BlackBerry: synchronize data between contact

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Google Sync for BlackBerry useful to synchronize your Google account (Gmail contacts, Calendar and Contacts) with the smartphone contacts being used. In other words, it’s like to backup your phone contacts into GMail account.

Previous I’ve discussed about backup contact with GMail in article Synchronize GMail contacts with BlackBerry address book but it not with Google Sync for BlackBerry. This process can be done automatically or as desired.

I have tried Google Sync on BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 mobile phone. It can also be used on other, like iPhone, Nokia S60, Windows, or with SyncML. So, are you interested?

Here the following steps:

  1. Download Google Sync corresponding to your smartphone supported. Done directly from your mobile phone (
  2. Install and check the settings option. There you can choose what items to be synchronized and how the synchronization is done.

As a comparison, see the trace image below.

Google Sync for BlackBerry - download and install    contact option setting

Google Sync for BlackBerry - option: what items to be synchronized    start the synchronization process

successful synchronization details

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