Hack Nokia Symbian phones with HelloOX

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Was… Hack Nokia Symbian phones (S60 v3 and v5) with HelloOX is most phenomenal. How is not… this application makes everything (hack) run automatically so that even beginners can do it. I’m doing hack Nokia Symbian phones with HelloOX to my Nokia 6120c that its firmware has been updated to version 6.51 from 5.11… and it’s works… although for firmware version 7.xx.

To install HelloOX to your standard mobile phone, you must sign it first. If no… you will meet certificate expired error or similar with that… on the LCD screen. After that you must sign your application before install it to your mobile.

hack nokia with HelloOXhack nokia with HelloOX

If it is signed, transfer to the phone and install like usually.

In my mind… on installation proccess of Hello OX, it extract ROMPatcher and others to phone system.

Hack Nokia Symbian phonesHack Nokia Symbian phonesAfter that must run the ROMPatcher and  apply the patches.

If you want to make your phone as previously… run HelloOX again and choose UnHack. So, in my mind again (maybe)… HelloOX as agents for Rompathcer instalation so that you are not wrong to put any file in phone memory directory.

After you success to apply hack, expired certificate error will not be shown again and you can access hidden directory by system.

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If you fail hack the phone with HelloOX, just try Quarantine method. It’s no need certificate file (Cert and Key file).

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