Bitdefender USB Immunizer: Immune your USB storage from autorun virus

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Some viruses exploit the autorun.inf file to infiltrate into victim’s computer system. Bitdefender USB Immunizer can used to immune your USB storage. Media used often through a USB flash drive or mp3 player and that kind uses USB storage. So some popular antivirus create autorun file type in USB flash drive or hardisk that can not be rewritten by a virus (read only/write protected).

One of them is Bitdefender USB Immunizer made by famous antivirus makers Bitdefender.

Protection for storage media by making autorun file the first time I found on local Indonesia antivirus SmadAV, because many Indonesian local virus that utilizes the autorun file. SmadAV create autorun file automatically when plugged in a usb flash drive.

Bitdefender USB Immunizer

Bitdefender USB Immunizer is very easy to use. Plug the flash drive in, and run Bitdefender USB Immunizer. Select the flash drive location than click IMMUNIZE (green rectangle mark).

Want to immunize the hard drive? Click the button that showed with red ellipse to ON.

Windows 7 Managers also can do the same.

Interested to trying?

Download and more info about Bitdefender USB Immunizer.

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