Four important service code for Nokia mobile phone

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I think this four important service code is the most important code must known by the Nokia phones general user.

important code for Nokia Symbian phone

The first, *#06# –> this code to know the IMEI number of mobile phone. This code can be used on phones from other brands.

Why need to know this code? If you buy a secondhand cell phone, matches the IMEI code of the phone and on the packaging box. If different, it’s better not to buy.

The second, *#0000# –> this code to know the type and firmware version of mobile phone that used now. If you want to know the new version of firmware or want to upgrade, check this code first.

The third, *#2820# –> this code to check bluetooth device information. If your bluetooth device are broken, you will not see anything when entering this code.

The fourth, *#7370# –> try this when the system is experiencing problems. But remember!!! All data will be lost, create a backup before using this code. This code can only be used for applying on Symbian system Nokia phones.

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