Java application settings: stop asking, just run

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Maybe you are one bored person to answer when faced with java applications that are always asked when run on Symbian mobile phone (especially S60 v3 Symbian OS 9.x, Nokia 6120c as a test device). Me too… Usually asked is about the permission to access the internet and the access point used. This can be overcome by applying java application settings.

Some applications gives a chance that can not always ask if it’s run. Opera Mini 5 for example. I’ve set it to not ask when I point to a web page. If you want… follow these steps.

application manager Java application settings

Go to Application Manager, select java application that want to set (Opera Mini in this case), then choose option. In the option, choose open… that will be show the java application settings.

access point Java application settings

Based on the questions that arise when running java application, make Acces point option use default according to cellular operators you use. Make network access permission is become to always allowed. Always allowed too for Connectivity option. That three settings is the basic setting. More … up to you.

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