Java application backup on your Symbian OS 9.x

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Do you know… when install java application, the system will automatically make master backup for that apps???

That’s very useful for us. Just need to move the java apps master for backup to other folder that place some apps. But… where’s the location???

This is one of hacking benefit. To do this… you must go to private folder that you can find if your mobile phone are hacked already. Because this folder are hidden by system by default.

Like my previous article… Where’s the SMS inbox directory?… are both require phone in already hack. Some other useful tips are need this state to.

java application backup - vmancer

java application backup - vmancer - 2

Look the picture at top left. Go to folder e:\private\….\midlets that are written on top left of the picture. The picture in the right show java application (include java game) that installed at my cellphone.

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