Make backup of Blackberry Messenger contacts

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I’ve previously discuss about how to make BlackBerry contacts (address book) backupĀ  by utilizing Google service and application that are GMail and Google Sync.

Blackberry Messenger contactsBut, how to back up BlackBerry Messenger contacts? This can be done indirectly by two ways backup contact above.

If you have a computer, use BlackBerry Desktop Software to create general overall data backup your BlackBerry phone. Backup BlackBerry Messenger contacts are included in it.

If not, the backup can be made directly from the BlackBerry Messenger application. Only this can not be done on older versions of the BlackBerry Messenger application. The apps not yet support this feature. Please look 2 pictures below.

blackberry messenger option - backup contact list

blackberry messenger option - backup files (.con)

  • Go to BlackBerry Messenger application then find the option with press BlackBerry menu button.
  • Scroll down until found looks like the first picture above. Then press Back Up.
  • You will see 2 menu for make backup remotely and locally. If you select Back up files remotely, backup file will be on the BlackBerry server. If you select Back up files locally, backup file will be on the BlackBerry mobile phone.

Last image shows the BlackBerry Messenger data backup made. It can be found onĀ  Media Card.

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