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AirDroid: best web-based Android smartphone manager

With AirDroid, you can connect your Android smartphone with computer easyly and directly without wires. When I need help from a friend to print document that is in my smartphone, and to move it to the computer I requesting data cable. My friend suggested, why not use AirDroid. It is very practical, was so he said. I answer, just the same difficult. The smartphone and computer must be on the... [ Continue reading... ]

AVG Image Shrinker [free Android app]

AVG Image Shrinker is a free Android app to to reduce the capacity of image file. AVG Image Shrinker does this by changing the size of an image. Latest smartphones equipped with a high resolution camera that produces sharp images with so many MB file capacity. The large capacity of this  image file will take a lot your monthly data plan. This is the background made of this application. Is... [ Continue reading... ]

Camera360 Ultimate: free Android camera app

Camera360 Ultimate is free and popular Android camera application which offers more functions than the standard camera app. Front camera, zoom, metering, and more professional parameters are supported. Camera360 Ultimate is app useful like standard camera app but equipped with many powerfull features. What interested me was the integrated online cloud storage so that you have photo data... [ Continue reading... ]

Atom Launcher: light and attractive [Android App]

Atom Launcher is very light in my opinion. Other than that, this is interesting because it can customize a variety of things. First set up the Atom Launcher, I get staggering question about importing configuration of ADW Launcher Home Screen, to my knowledge not many launcher applications that can cooperate with each other, so I no longer need to configure the home screen one by one. Once I... [ Continue reading... ]

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