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Evernote: save and sync notes [Android App]

With Evernote for Android, you can make important record in the form of text, picture, or audio, with fast. Other than that, you no longer need paper. In addition to Android, Evernote is also available in a variety of platforms, ie: Mac, Windows Desktop, Web, and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Software and application on the device is supported by web server that will back up all the... [ Continue reading... ]

Google Keep: note it, will never forget it [Android App]

Google Keep is free Android app that developed by Google that used for noting important things quickly in the form of text, images, and sounds. Google also keep the form of widget that can be placed on the home, this will allow you to be able access them quickly to make an important record. This record will be directly synchronized with Google Drive when you have an internet connection, so no... [ Continue reading... ]

Picture Collage Maker for iOS [Giveaway on 3 days]

Picture Collage Maker for iOS will make you, iOS user, easy to organize photos in amazingly framed collages quickly and easily. This 3 days giveaway of Picture Collage Maker for iOS is good news for you who using iOS. Do not forget to preach the good news to other friends. This software is user-friendly collage-making app that enables you to create personalized collages quickly and... [ Continue reading... ]

ADWLauncher EX: Android personalization application

ADWLauncher EX is paid personalization app on Android smartphone platform. Give interesting transition effect such as  circular, cube, curve, and others. Before buying ADWLauncher EX, I tried ADW.Launcher that are free applications. Transition effects run feels very soft and lightweight running on my Samsung Galaxy Wonder. I love this application.Differences between ADW.Launcher and... [ Continue reading... ]

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