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PicsArt: photo studio in your Android

PicsArt is complete photo studio tool in your Android. Therein incorporated attractive indispensable functions to edit image. In the beginning I underestimated PicsArt android application. I think this application only contains standard image processing tools such as rotation, cropping, brightness, and so on. After testing PicsArt, I found a lot of interesting tools in this application. I... [ Continue reading... ]

Advanced Task Killer Free: Android performance application

I think Advanced Task Killer is essential Android application that must be installed on any Android smartphone. Advanced Task Killer is a small and light application that runs on Android smartphone system which serves to maintain the performance of your phone. Consciously or not, a lot of applications that run automatically or run by user then after completion of used these applications... [ Continue reading... ]

X-plore for Android: file manager with more features

X-plore for Android is free file manager for Android with more features compared to the default file manager. Before using X-plore for Android, I have used other version that runs on Symbian Nokia 6120c. If I compare it with another file manager that runs on Symbian, X-plore feels very complete. So it is with this version. Other advantages of this application is available for free, I have to... [ Continue reading... ]

Tiny Flashlight + LED: Android Application

Tiny Flashlight + LED is an Android application to help you when low light. But there are some creative things so this application is more fun than just a regular flashlight. I was helped out of Tiny Flashlight + LED when had to go under the table to put some wires on CPU backpanel. We do not always carry flashlight when in dark place, but usually there is always mobile phone in our pocket. So... [ Continue reading... ]

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