OPDA online signing Symbian application

May 26, 2010

OPDA make certificate file (.cer and .key) for Symbian based mobile phone (S60 v3 and v5 family) application that is used IMEI number verificaton. This certificate file are use to sign applications or themes to OPDA online signing or offline, so that these applications can be installed on the phone. With a more simple terms….. create applications that will be installed no longer expire and error / issues that arise usually contain the words … the certificate is expired, please contact provider … or expired certificate or certificate error, and the like. The installation proccess will be running well.

Never experienced such problems? If you have, go to OPDA website to doing OPDA online signing (now automatic redirect to shoujizu.net/en), then register first, and order the certificate file.

OPDA online signing Symbian application

First… you must register an account there.. and login, and then you can make a certificate file. After that, you can order the file with choose Apply Cer button at the upper right. Fill the form order. If the file that you order ready made, you can download it at my certificate section and use with offline mode.

But, if you want sign with online way… just click Signing Soft at the upper right too (or click the image upper). That will be looked like the picture upper.

Choose the certificate you want to used and file you want to signed and upload (submit and upload button). After that will show the web page looked like image under. Just click the download link (cer and key).

OPDA online signing Symbian application

You will get the application and has been sign.

Or if you want to sign the applications on offline mode, follow this interactive tutorial.

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  1. naeem qaiser says:

    plz send me helloox2 my mobile is nokia c5 5mp and ime. 351685054180164 plz help me.

  2. vmancer says:

    sorry ..
    I no longer give aid to ordering a certificate file
    Read details on previous comments

  3. shoyab says:

    is not working plz help me my model no nokia x6 and my IMEI no 354855044002615 plz send my cer and key mail ID shoyab_inash@yahoo.com

  4. NIMIL says:


  5. jemil says:

    no certificate found in my account in opda about 24 hours

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