Open Office Calc functions: Get quick results sequentially

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How to get quick results sequentially on Open Office Calc functions? I want to get series of results quickly, such as list of day names of the week, months of the year list, or numbers simple sequence of . See the image below for more clearly.

Surely Open Office Calc functions can doing this. In principle this is the ordinary copy – paste command, but the result is the sequence obtained from the source.

open office calc - sequance result from copy command The first, second, and third coloumn is sequance. The second coloumn is sequance the names of the day. The third column is the order of the names of the months.

To make it, you need to make three top row in each column in sequence. 1, 2, 3, in first coloumn. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, in second coloumn. And first three months in last coloumn.

Next step….. follow interactive tutorials below.

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