Windows 7 Manager: Optimize your Windows Service

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A program consists of thousands lines of code. And an operating system consists of many programs that running simultaneously. Windows Operating System is one of the most widely used and run small programs simultaneously that support each other.

More and more programs are running, demanding the availability of sufficient RAM (Random Access Memory). That’s why the newer Windows require greater RAM, because to run more programs.

If the computer is only used for text editor and browsing the Internet, you can save resources by do not run services that are not needed.

But you must know what is needed and not.

optimize Windows service

optimize Windows service

For setting up services, you can through the Control Panel, and find Administrative Tools.

optimize Windows service

To make it inactive, double click and make it start up type to disabled.

optimize Windows service

I really do not like this way. I prefer a more practical and safe by using tuning tool software. Here I use Windows 7 Manager – Optimize Services.

optimize Windows service

You only need to fill the existing check boxes on each item. There is also equipped with enough information to help. If anything goes wrong, stay alert to remove the check box or click restore.

Remember!!! to make backups of the system previous….. in order to be restore if an error occurred.

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