GMail (Google Mail) unique feature

Manik Agra Internet 1 Response

You know GMail have few features that others have not, even though it will help our job. Example, it can send email with other email account address, so the acceptence guest other person who are the sender. Then it can be a web email client like Thunderbird or Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail but running online. Because of that you will check just in one account but directly check the other account. How could be? We start from...


Tomb above the ground in Indonesia

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In Indonesia, there are some tribes who laid the cemetery on the ground….. not buried in the ground in general, ie by the Dayak of East Kalimantan, in the area Trunyan, Bangli, Bali by Bali Mula tribe, and in Tana Toraja - South Sulawesi Toraja tribe. Bali Mula, Trunyan – Bali Bali Mula tribe is one of Bali's indigenous tribes and not migrants from Majapahit Kingdom (East Java) in earlier times, who is a resident of Bali in general...


PhotoLikr: alternatif upload photo to Google (Picasa Web Album)

Manik Agra Software review 2 Responses

PhotoLikr is one product from ObviousIdea. This free software works to upload image files to Google Picasa and also for giving ratings to images are owned. Picture uploaded on the server was actually Google's Picasa, but as if separate. For that, PhotoLikr requires a Google account (Picasa) to do it. Other than Picasa, it's also supports PhotoOnWeb which is other product from Obvious which serves as an web album interface, and Minus. If you...


Conditional Formatting: simple example of the use

Manik Agra Microsoft Office Tutorial 0 Responses

Simple conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel or similar software can be utilized in the learning process. I think conditional formatting is very easy to implement. Certainly given problem is not as easy as this. I was amazed when I saw the exercise files provided in the form of Microsoft Excel (.xls) files by lecturer in Civil Engineering. These features take advantage of conditional formatting, cell locking, and IF function. See the...

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