Captcha word verification: WordPress antispam plugin

Manik Agra blog Internet 2 Responses

One way to reduce spam comment is to install Captcha word verification plugin for Wordpress. I wonder why my new blog get a lot of spam comments. Though not yet known..... I was made dizzy by this. Every day is getting dozens of spam comments on Spam Queue, when I have installed Akismet. Initially I did not know whether to be installing additional plugins or not to cope the spam comments, like Captcha word verification.Then I asked...


Sothink Video Converter (free): Customize video setting parameters to convert video for play on HTC Sensation

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A few weeks ago, I asked for help from Belinda (SourceTec Software) to make my article how to convert video to get the video dimensions to suit the phone screen and with enough capacity sparingly.…... and here is her article.Many video converter tools can directly convert video in correct format for your devices or mobiles. However, how to get the video both in correct format and dimension? And even with smallest file size to save the...


Makepung: buffalo race at Jembrana – Bali

Manik Agra Cultural Event 2 Responses

Makepung is term in Balinese language means buffalo racing festival. This event is a tradition done by farmers in Jembrana - Bali, the most western counties located on the island of Bali. It's about 3 hours from Kuta, Badung, Bali.Buffaloes that participated in this event have been prepared in advance. Get enough foods and supplements so that grow big and strong. Other than that buffaloes also trained with the goal to win another game...


Superscript on Open Office

Manik Agra Open Office Tutorial 0 Responses

Look the picture beside especially in the section in red.The number three position is slightly above the other letters. This position is called Superscript. It is often used especially in mathematics and physics calculation unit.Menu Superscript in Microsoft Office Excel easier to find than on the Open Office. Although it still does not matter.In Open Office, you should seek Format Character menu. To be more clear, follow the Youtube...

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