Using xref (external reference) on ProgeCAD

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Xref, which stands for External Reference is the command to use external sources to the drawing. By using external sources, the process of drawing will take less time because it no longer draw all sections. This is needed much when using a section that is similar to many drawing. to use the command X-ref, please go directly to the Insert menu and choose Xref Manager as shown in the figure below.  Select an external image to be used and insert...


Text to speech (audio) with 2nd Speech Center

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2nd Speech Center is a software useful to convert any text to speech words or audio files (MP3/WAV). I think this is very interesting. I once worked at a company that makes interactive tutorials. Tutorial was made by recording the movement on the screen. To explain what is seen on a video tutorial (monitor screen), the narrator's voice recording is required. The obstacles that often happens is that the instability of the narrator voice, and...


Sothink HD Movie Maker tutorial: Decorate Your Blu-ray Disc with Menu

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With Sothink HD Movie Maker, you can create menu navigation on Blu-ray movie. Some of the parameters and settings are different with DVD. At a glance you'll probably think this article is similar with article How to create movie DVD menu navigation by your own with Sothink HD Movie Maker. But in fact it's very different. The article was talking about menu navigation on DVD movie, while this article talking about menu navigation on Blu-ray...


Captcha word verification: WordPress antispam plugin

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One way to reduce spam comment is to install Captcha word verification plugin for Wordpress. I wonder why my new blog get a lot of spam comments. Though not yet known..... I was made dizzy by this. Every day is getting dozens of spam comments on Spam Queue, when I have installed Akismet. Initially I did not know whether to be installing additional plugins or not to cope the spam comments, like Captcha word verification. Then I asked...

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