Configure Filezilla for my blog hosting

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This is my personal experience when configure Filezilla to upload the data used to blog hosting. I estimate, using filezilla to upload the data will be more efficient network bandwidth. Then I tried to install FileZilla….. According to my friend, Net Surfer, fill in the blog domain on the host ... cpanel username and password, port 2082, and click quick connect. Your hosting will be directly connected with FileZilla….. but I do not get...


Export as PDF on Open Office

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PDF stands for Portable Document Format, that created by Adobe for the purpose of exchanging digital documents. PDF format now has been generally used for document exchange. PDF format will greatly facilitate the recipient to read the contents of documents because it can be opened directly from the Internet browser or does not require any additional programs. If you want to open it on other software, is also very easy to find and...


Client for google translate – translation software

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Client for Google Translate is a software that uses Google Translate engine. Because it uses the same engine, then the translation of languages that supported is the same. Look at the simple interface on screenshot above….. and then compare it with Google Translate interface below. So, to what use this software if you can just use google translate? I also could not answer it to. There may be advantages in the pro version. Other...


Are you interested in learning through interactive tutorials?

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On the website of Onnet Bamboomedia can be found several interactive tutorial about Microsoft Windows and Office tips and tricks. Interactive tutorial that is intended here required interaction from the audience when seeing the video tutorials that are presented like click the correct botton. If not do this, then tutorials can not continues. For example… use Mail Merge facility of Microsoft Office Word 2007 text editor software that...

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