DoFollow is like having magic letter for job seeker

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As the name, dofollow is a command to search engine robots to follow the link, but this command does not need loaded. That need to be filled is the command that meant the opposite, nofollow. First, by default no one care about the do and nofollow. link is made directly with the command only <a href="#"> $$$</ a>, almost no-frills. If you install the DoFollow link, it means your website refer link the other website that exist on...


Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 [GIVEAWAY]

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This attractive offers from Panda Security, a leading developer of antivirus. They offer free license of Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 that is valid for six months. After that ??? Don’t worry….. there will be another promo. I also use an antivirus that uses the license promo. The important are all the essential features functional. For me, better use of promotional products on the use of illegal products. How about you?? So….. How to...


Ubuntu Skin Pack by hameddanger: turn Windows 7 looks into Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)

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I like to change the look of your Windows desktop so as not boring. Many people says that this would burden the computer system used. But in my opinion not too burden some, provided it does not install all the features included. This also affects the view that no significant changes. Note the installation steps in the figure below. I did uncheck software: VirtuaWin, Rainmeter, Unity dock skin for Rainmeter, SmartFlip, Yodm3D, and any 3rd...


Making creative interactive video tutorial

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In my post before… Are you interested in learning through interactive tutorials?, interactive video tutorial that is intended here required interaction from the audience when seeing the video tutorials that are presented like click the correct botton. If not do this, then tutorials can not continues. How to create interactive video tutorial ??? Watch the sample below, interact and join with click the (next)...

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