html code hyperlink: what the mean of <a href=””>click..</a>

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When starting a blog, I am confused how to create a hyperlink on the text and how to make it open in another window.… When looking at html mode, it makes me more confused. I see a variety of confusing html code. The picture on the left, is screenshot that shown the simple way to insert hyperlink with Windows Live Writer. You will not found confusing html code with this blog editor free software. Now… what the mean of : <a...


Khusus pemula: buat self hosted blog pake

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Jujur… saya awalnya sama sekali tidak tahu gimana cara buat ini, karena pekerjaan saya tidak berhubungan dengan dunia digital ini sama sekali. Sama sekali buta tentang hosting, domain, dan yang berhubungan. Sedikit demi sedikit saya cari info dari teman-teman yang lebih mengerti. Dengan biaya terbatas yang saya miliki, akhirnya saya memutuskan menyewa hosting dan domain murah VMANCER.COM di HostPojok dari referensi teman, walaupun belum...


ProgeCAD: Quickly calculate the area

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ProgeCAD is one of Computer Aided Design software to drawing every technical drawings. Technical drawings always contain a variety of sizes and dimensions so that the supporting information clearly legible. If you want to find some dimensions in a section to calculate material needs for example. CAD software that most widely used is AutoCAD. Even so ... the use it not much different. Even the command used to create object is similar....


Set Open Office Writer default font

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Whether you always use a different font type from default on Open Office Writer? If yes..... you can follow this interactive tutorial to set another font type as default, so..... no need to change the font when creating a new document. Find Option on Tools taskbar menu. Then find Open Office Writer section. Then set the font you want to used. For more clearly, see...

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