RJ Text Editor: common but not usually

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Text editor software is a software that is often used to display and edit the file containing the programming code, such as html, php, xml, and others. Actually….. to display and edit the programming code mentioned above can be done with Notepad in Windows OS or any other similar software. Then….. why using text editor software like RJ Text Editor to edit the code? Previous I have compare two text editor software, that are Notepad ++ and...


Easy Watermark Studio Lite: Fill watermark on images

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Watermark on image in this blog content are direct  from Windows Live Writer, without any other software. And this afternoon I found the software used to provide watermark with very quickly, Easy Watermark Studio. This software can fill in the form of letters watermark (word) that can be personalized. Font type, direction and position, and the various effects that can be adjusted. Watermark size can also adjust automatically. Not only...


ProgeCAD: Make a blocks quickly

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To create a block on ProgeCAD, steps taken is by typing block in the command line and will bring up a dialog window block definition. But there is a faster way using the command copy and paste as block in the right click menu. This can be done on both ProgeCAD and AutoCAD. But this interactive tutorial is created using ProgeCAD. [SWF]http://vmancer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/paste-as-blocks.swf, 300,...


IrfanView: super light and fast image viewer freeware

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In fact it can also handle video and sound files, but in this case that stands out is its ability to handle images. At 4.27 version, with a capacity of 1.32 MB installer that is quite small. If you want speed in displaying the picture….. you should consider using IrfanView. Much faster than the Windows default picture viewer. Want to try? Download IrfanView. IrfanView developer also released a plugin that makes IrfanView has more...

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