Unique visits, views, hits, etc…

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Terms in the article title above are often found on a website or blog statistics. Unique visits, views, hits, and some other terms ... maybe people in general do not know what it means and me too. So I am interested to find out. On Wikipedia I found the meaning of the terms mentioned above and several other related terms. Hit - A request for a file from the web server. Available only in log analysis. The number of hits received by a website...


Custom WordPress Tricks Theme v2

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See the picture… It is a Tricks Theme v2 standard screenshot. But this blog use a template that has been modified by the author for me. I am very grateful for that. Previous, I've used bloggers versions of templates that show growth encouraging. Cause that I want to try the Wordpress version. Wiil see for 1 until 2 month… but I really like this template. Advantages of this Wordpress template is: - SEO optimize - Fast loading -...


Make screenshot of your Symbian mobile phone

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To make screenshot of your Symbian mobile phone you need an application. I like to use Screenshot apps by Antony Pranata which it is free to use especially for personal user. My Symbian mobile phone is Nokia 6120c that have no C (clear) and edit (with pencil logo) button. Previous time I difficult to find screenshot apps that correct with my phone, because the another apps need C and or edit button. Until I found this… I often...


Facebook notification email are not fulfilled my inbox

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You can set Facebook notification email, so it email not fulfilled your email inbox. I often laughed looking at my friend who check their email inbox fulfilled with Facebook notification email. He was puzzled to find important emails between facebook email notification. This problem is actually very easy to solve, many people do not pay attention for this. There are two ways to solve. The first is to create a special email to receive facebook...

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