Giveaway: 6 free licenses of iSkysoft iMedia Converter

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iSkysoft iMedia Converter is software that serves to convert video files and also for ripping DVDs, and running normally when used in Windows 7. This time, cooperating with iSkysoft to distribute 6 iMedia Converter licenses for free. For that….. come and participate to this event, you will get the software worth $ 49 with no pay. With this software you can do DVD ripping and converting the media files virtually to any format...


Google SketchUp: using of array command

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Array command on Google SketchUp commonly found in technical drawing software such as AutoCAD and other CAD software. Array command functions similar to the Copy command, similarly to duplicate objects. Use with the Move tool in combination with the Ctrl (Control) and add command parameters are more clearly seen in the Youtube video tutorial below. Note the addition of parameters to use this command in the command area (red box like the...


Online tool design interior: Floorplanner and Gliffy

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Floorplanner I've tried to use Floorplanner to design the house plans. It looks nice and easy to used. Use this online tool design interior software, create a design plan of the room to be fun….. it's like playing Lego. Take some parts and keep it in the desired position. To see the design result, the display can be changed with the appearance of three dimensions so that seem more real. Components of the house (library) such as doors,...


Unique visits, views, hits, etc…

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Terms in the article title above are often found on a website or blog statistics. Unique visits, views, hits, and some other terms ... maybe people in general do not know what it means and me too. So I am interested to find out. On Wikipedia I found the meaning of the terms mentioned above and several other related terms. Hit - A request for a file from the web server. Available only in log analysis. The number of hits received by a website...

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