Google SketchUp: Object selection tips

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On Google SketchUp, there are several ways of selection with a click that is not commonly used in software for design like CAD software. How to conduct the selection usually is to click the left mouse button and drag towards the selected object. Meanwhile, use the scroll wheel to zoom and the right button to bring up the menu. Follow the following interactive video tutorial for more...


Desa, Kala, Patra: one of Balinese life principle

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“Desa” in English is the village, in this case means the place. This meant that all Balinese life activities in will vary between one place to another. So do not rush just think it's wrong because it's different. “Kala” in English this means time. As time progressed, everything changed. Which can only follow a change that is lasting. In other words, change is eternal. For example….. previous, much used in ceremonies such as the...


Windows 7 Manager: Optimize your Windows Service

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A program consists of thousands lines of code. And an operating system consists of many programs that running simultaneously. Windows Operating System is one of the most widely used and run small programs simultaneously that support each other. More and more programs are running, demanding the availability of sufficient RAM (Random Access Memory). That's why the newer Windows require greater RAM, because to run more programs. If the computer...


Ngaben: ancestral purification ceremony in Bali

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In general, Ngaben ceremonies in Bali are bodies burning ceremony that aims to purify the spirits of ancestors. When someone dies, corpse could be buried before or directly burned and cleansed his soul with Ngaben ceremony. This ceremony is considered a big ceremony and will cost a lot. Even so the whole family rejoiced implement. The following article comes from and the photo by me. Hindu funerals in Bali are intensely...

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