Internet Explorer 9: Offline download master installer

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Internet Explorer 9 is the newest generation of the current IE. Major changes in the development of Microsoft's IE 9 is carried out is in terms of appearance. Internet Explorer 9 began to adopt some things that already exist in the Internet browser rivals. The new terms include: Faster performance Better security features Integrated download manager (exist in any other internet browser) Bookmark with display box (visual bookmark...


Hidden advertisement on the home page

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Yesterday I was puzzled how to hide the ads on the homepage (main page) of my blogger blog, VMANCER Blog Site, but it appears on articles page. This I did to keep ads there but did not appear crowded on the main page… look like the screenshot below. I tried to find it on the internet with the help of Google, but failed… After that I ask my friend… that have blog tricks collection. He told me to add code… <b:if...


Light Image Resizer from Obvious Idea (previously known as VSO Image Resizer)

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Light Image Resizer is a free software to resize and convert image. Offer many option to do resizing image, such as coloring and automatically fill watermark on resizing result. You can set to get different picture format when you resizing it too. As I written above, this is a free software with fully functional, so what the different with the registered version with license serial number? See the second picture for the answer. How to...


MatheAss: Microsoft Mathematics rival

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Before I discuss some interesting things to learn mathematics with Microsoft Mathematics. After a while, I found other software that functions similar, MatheAss. MatheAss is paid software that related to mathematics made in Germany (also supports English). Already supports Windows 7 and can perform calculations Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Stochastics, and Linear Algebra. I tried some of MatheAss capabilities, such as the Matrix and pyramid....

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