Subterfuge to make sidebar banner ads box

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This simple way to make 125 x 125 pixel ads (adsvertisment) box… I get when playing with Windows Live Writer. Blog author usually put banner ads with 125 x 125 pixel in size at sidebar. Beginner like me, will difficulty to compile the html code for it. If you use Windows Live Writer will very easy to do it. Click table shortcut icon at taskbar to create table. In the Insert Table windows… set rows = 2 and collumns = 1 if want to...


Paypal: Pengalaman bertransaksi online

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Secara umum telah diketahui bahwa Paypal adalah layanan perbankan yang ada di dunia maya alias berbasis internet. Untuk bertransaksi di internet digunakanlah jasa Paypal ini sebagai pengganti kartu kredit sebab tidak akan mudah melakukannya tanpa pindah tempat. Jadi secara sederhana anda membayar suatu barang yang dibeli di internet dengan memberikan ID Paypal anda, jika anda mengunakan kartu kredit… maka anda bayar dengan memberikan nomor...


Write blog article with remote publishing

Manik Agra blog Software 1 Response

A simple explaination about remote publishing for me is how to write a blog article without the online editor, so you can write with offline mode way and then you publish that if you online. No need conected to the internet when just type the article. But, at the beginning on a personal blog hosting, Windows Live Writer (for example) which is used as a remote publishing will not be used directly. Must setting few option first. Take a look...


Resize partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition

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I experienced a shortage of free space on drive C after installing Windows 7 SP 1. To overcome this problem, I change the size of the D drive partition and then added to drive C. To do this I need a partition manager software. Software that I use is MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition which is a free software (freeware). Its use is very easy. you just need to pull a slider that exists and leave the rest to this freeware. First, do...

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