Import contacts (.csv) to Mozilla Thunderbird with easily

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Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the popular free desktop email client. It appearance was simple and quick to use. To be able to send and receive email, you must import the email account and address book. Before, I to often get messy results when importing address book from csv (comma separated value) file (contacts export file). Now I know how to import contacts from csv file and will be shown below with little problem (not even). The first...


Opera 11: Internet browser + email client

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This is exciting and revolutionary feature from theĀ  Opera internet browser. Not like Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox, which is two software. In an Opera Internet browser, integratesĀ  two functions ie Internet browser and desktop email client. Configuration and import email settings process can be done easily and quickly. Supports import email setting from the popular email client, namely Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook and Outlook Express,...


Google Earth + Google SketchUp: if I were a housing developer

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I have aspirations to become a housing developer or marketer after learning the both ability of this software, Google SketchUp and Google Earth. With Google SketchUp you can draw a house that was developed in 3D model. Google Earth could help in terms of promotion so the buyer will look at home position in accordance with reality. Look at the steps below to make it. The first to be prepared are a three-dimensional drawing model of house built...


Microsoft Office Excel 2007: auto insert decimal point

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What are you usually using decimal number format when using Microsoft Office Excel? If yes, set it automatically shows decimal number format. Please go directly to the menu option and select advanced. Then find option as shown in the picture. Fill check mark in automatically insert a decimal point. Input the desired number of decimal that you want. if you want to change the decimal separators, please read article Currency format and...

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