Learn Matrix (Determinant) with Microsoft Mathematics

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Are you having trouble with math? If your answer that hard….. I am sure you will change the view after trying this software, Microsoft Mathematics. Now let's learn about Matrix with the help of Microsoft Mathematics. In the Matrix, which is often asked is about the determinant, inverse, and transpose. First, you specify number columns and rows of matrix. Then select what you want to be known from the matrix. More detailed, look at trace...


Microsoft Mathematics 4.0: easy to learn mathematics

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Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 is software that developed by Microsoft, can be used to assist in studying mathematics, chemistry, and even physics. You….. who are studying math or math-related work will be greatly assisted by this software. Take a look at some screenshots of the facilities available below. The above picture shows the interface in general. There are two tabs, that are Worksheet and Graphing. I will discuss more on the...


Yahoo Messenger 11 revolution: become Digsby competitor?

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Yes….. Yahoo Messenger now perform a revolutionary step that can be connected with more social networking sites. See the picture below. For you who use Yahoo Messenger 11, you can chat with friends without having to open up Facebook website. Can directly as do a chat with friends like chat with Yahoo buddy. Not only Facebook networks, you also can connect with Twitter. Status updates can be done immediately. I have not tried Yahoo...


Google SketchUp: making section drawing

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Sectional drawing is a drawing that showing the situation of objects on the section line as the centerpiece of a review. So no other things in this drawing, only the sliced object drawing by the line. with Google SketchUp, these images can be created automatically. You only needed to determine the position of slices. Watch the simple Youtube video below for more clearly. [SWF]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xel6gBIbQc, 425,...

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