Bedugul, Ulun Danu, Botanical Garden, and Candi Kuning traditional market

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From the Kuta tourist area, you would travel for 1.5 hours to the north which is mountains and there are Lake Beratan, so that cool air. The location of these attractions are on Baturiti district, Tabanan, Bali. Bedugul, Ulun Danu, Botanical Gardens, and Candi Kuning traditional market are the four tourist attractions are located in the vicinity of Lake Beratan.     Ulun Danu and Bedugul was right on the edge of the lake....


Windows 7 Manager – Disk Immunity

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I see this Disk Immunity feature in Windows 7 Manager v2.02, which can be found in Repair Center utility. Disk Immunity function to provide immunity against the virus on the disk (especially flash drive) that runs (spread) by using the autorun feature (autorun.inf). After "Immunize" the disk, this utility will protect the autorun.inf file so it can not be replaced with the same file that are owned by the virus. Want to try this...


Google SketchUp: create new default template

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Maybe some people who ussually use Google SketchUp tired to seeing an opening menu that aims to select a template as shown below. The default template can be made and regulated so directly would be used when creating a new drawing. But before….. see the bottom left of the picture below. Uncheck “Always show on startup” to hide this menu when run the software. Automatically used the template have choosen. How to make Google SketchUp...


Dress up your Pale Moon with Firefox personas

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I quote some sentences on the Pale Moon website  again on title above….. Now….. beauty plays an important role. Good performance of Windows XP and Windows Vista are beautifully evolved into Windows 7 that have both. Similarly, the Internet browser which can be personalized so it appears beautiful. In the previous article I share brief information about the Pale Moon which is a slightly different internet browser with Mozilla Firefox....

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