Google Earth Pro: Area measurement is one of the advantages

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Yes….. as it is written on the title of the measurement area is one of the advantages of Google Earth Pro, and I like this feature. Not to be confused to multiply with the scale and it is accurate, provided accurate for determining the boundaries. See the picture on the left. At the picture I took an example of how to measure the roof area of buildings on Google Earth Pro with Ruler. Line used to determine the appropriate distance from the...


Windows Live Writer (WLW) 2011 interface follow Microsoft Office ribbons

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Yesterday I upgrade Windows Live Writer that used to write my blog article. I have Windows Live Writer 2011 (beta version)that most recent version for now.Once installed, it turns out interface and menus that are used like that used in Microsoft Office 2007 with Ribbons. Also there is some development of previous versions.The Start Menu like…..Since windows 7 launch, the menu like this (picture beside) are very commonly found....


Customize windows installation software: nLite, vLite, and RT 7 lite

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To customize windows installation software, you can using three of these tool that are freeware. nLite for Windows XP, vLite for Vista, and must have predictable RT 7 Lite for Windows 7 (Seven).Ability and use of this tool is almost the same, only works for each of Windows. It can be used to: Customize windows installation software, so that the installation process runs differently than usual or according to the desired...


DAPlayer: audio video player from Digiarty Software

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What do you like watching movies or listening to music? If so, you do not need two more software for it with DAPlayer.DAPlayer is a completely free audio video player for windows that plays most audio video format file.As an example of video format from DVD ripped .mkv (Matroska video) …..can not be viewed directly on Windows if not already be installed audio video codec supporters. This codec problem directly would be solved if...

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