Profile Migration Tool to import Firefox personal file to Pale Moon

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Before I have write this article Pale moon: Different Firefox. And now is the related information especially who want to using Pale Moon from Firefox. What are you Mozilla Firefox users who want to switch to using Pale Moon? If so, use the Profile Migration Tool that is provided to import your personal data in Mozilla Firefox to the Pale Moon. Profile Migration Tool automatically import your personal data from Firefox after you press the...


Twitterfeed: alternative to import rss feeds to your Facebook

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Before I ever wrote about how to import rss feeds blog articles that are automatically posted on up when there are new articles. But this step will be very confusing on the up with a new interface. I have an easier alternative. You can use Twitterfeed to do that. The first time….. create an account. Then list the rss feeds (eg you blogs rss feed) that will be posted automatically when there is an update article. Select social network...


Facebook chat setting appear offline, but you online actually

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I find the setting to change the direction to import RSS feeds, but I do not found. I found the visibility status of Facebook Chat. So….. you will still appear offline on Facebook Chat while you are online. Like Yahoo Messenger or other instant messenger visibility status. See the picture beside….. but that's not what I meant. It will make you offline from Facebook Chat. And now….. see the picture below. Note the option that i fill with...


Pidgin email notification

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Before I am discuss about Guification….. a plugin for Pidgin so it can always notify the user about new chat messages with sound. The default notification only with different icon on System Tray. ….. and someone ask a question, how about email notification? Are Pidgin have new email notification when it arrive in inbox? Yes….. Off course. See the picture on the left, especially that I mark red. Just put a check mark on the check box....

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