PhotoScape: Making simple gif animated wallpaper for your phone

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I have discussed some things about Photoscape on article Photoscape: “monster” of image editing freeware. And now is one of its application to create simple animated wallpapers for mobile phones. ….. and now is one of its application to create animated gif wallpapers for mobile phones. Combine its use to make it to the tutorials in article Set the wallpaper to fit the phone screen. First of all, run Photoscape then find Gif Animated on...


Tracking your photo in Picasa Web Album visits with Google Analytics

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Google products are becoming more integrated. Now you can integrate Google Analytics in Picasa Web Albums, so you can observe the number of visits to your photos.View this page for more information….. Using Google Analytics to track visits : Captions, Comments, and Tags - Picasa Help. Google Analytics is used by webmasters and bloggers to observe readers traffic flow (visit, view, hit) and the results were analyzed for to be optimized...


Custom themes for windows 7

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Custom themes for windows 7 will make the desktop look more attractive. Here I'm talking about using custom themes for Windows 7 with ease.When using custom themes for windows 7, I often get interesting user interface from the creators who share them with free on the internet. For example Windows 7 Skull - Visual Style by TheDarkenedPoet. In the downloaded file package….. that contained the file explorer.exe which carries a wide...


Service Manager on AVG PC Tune Up 2011

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Like its predecessor (Norton and McAfee)….. finally AVG also make software for PC care so that always running optimally. The PC care software called AVG PC Tune Up 2011.System Advisor as shown in the picture above will give advice in optimizing the system.Tool package found on the AVG PC Tune Up 2011 consists of: Internet Optimizer, to speeds up your Internet access by tuning settings specifically to your connection...

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