AutoCAD: calculate area

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The idea is simple. Use the hatch to find the area of difficult field. For example, you want to know the middle areas of the three circles intersection. Calculate the area by using the menu Inquiry - Area, do not get precise results when applied to fields such as on the image. Follow the trace images below for more details. First, fill hatch in where you want to count their extent. Second, right click the hatch and select properties. find...


Split – recombine files with 7zip

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7zip is freeware that is used to compress the file capacity, could also serve to split - recombine files. Using a standard format 7zip, also supports common formats such as usual .zip, .rar, .cab, and other compression formats. Software compression is used to reduce the capacity of the file without destroying it. With small capacity files, it is convenient to data exchange. Even so, there is no reduction in capacity on a multimedia file,...


Microsoft Mathematics – making some graph on one cartesian

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Who do not know about Microsoft Mathematics, please read article Microsoft Mathematics 4.0: easy to learn mathematics first. Now, let's make some graphs on a single Cartesian field using Microsoft Mathematics. On the left, you will find Worksheet and Graph. You must be headed Graph to create graphs. After that, select the menu that is associated with the type of graph that will be created. As an example, I use Equations &...


Google Maps Labs – distance measurement tool

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Now you can know the distance from a point location to another spot on Google Maps (GMaps). This can be done with the development of Distance Measurement Tool features which can be found at Google Labs. First, activate (enable) Distance Measurement Tool from the Labs. Labs is collections of Google products that currently in development. Tools that developed at the Labs was made to optimize other Google products, one of which makes GMaps perform...

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