Photoscape: freeware and powerfull of simple image editing

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Photoscape brings a variety of  tools that can be used to attract instantly to process images. Even including screen capture tool. Photoscape is suitable for users who like instant editing. Like me who's rather difficult to understand the image processing software and prefer to use automated image processing. For use in the process croping, resizing, set the layout for printing, making simple animations, auto contrast and brightness, change...


Google SketchUp import DWG CAD for faster drawing

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Google SketchUp can import CAD drawing files (*. dwg) so that the overall drawing process becomes faster. I find this feature in Google SketchUp 7 and no longer exists in version 8. With this feature you can import .dwg CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing with good and the results are "snap". Import results from Google SketchUp 7 resulted in exactly with the original drawings on CAD software, including the units….. as long as it...


Google SketchUp: Make a truncated cone (the third way)

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In this way the most complicated than others. Even with experience may rarely use this method to create a truncated cone. Much easier to use the Follow Me tool or Scale tool method. To use this method, you must set up cones and one other field. Create a group for that field. Then use these fields to cut off part of the cone. For clarity, please refer to the following Google Sketchup interactive...


Google SketchUp: Make a truncated cone (the second way)

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This tutorial is a continuation of Make a truncated cone (the first way). Now I show how to create a truncated cone in other way, use Follow Me tool to create a truncated cone. Should be prepared a trapezoid and a circle as shown in the picture. For more clearly, follow the interactive tutorial below. [SWF], 372,...

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